Homeopathic Training

There are two types of professional education available to become a homeopath in South Africa:

  • A medical doctor can do a postgraduate course at a qualified University with an international accreditation.
  • A five year full time course can be done at either one of two Universities and a further medical internship year must be completed for professional resignation. During training, clinical knowledge in the fields of human anatomy, physiology, pathology and diagnostics are studied in great detail. A homeopath has the clinical diagnosing skills honed in during their training. Homeopaths can interpret X-ray results as well as Path Lab tests. As a postgraduate specialization, a homeopath may study further diagnostic aids such as iridology or electro-dermal testing.

Universities In South Africa Providing Homeopathic Training:

For futher information please click here to visit the Homeopathic Association of South Africa website

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